The print version of Apache Cordova API Cookbook is now available in stores. I pre-ordered a copy of the book from and it arrived yesterday. Get your copy now!

I was poking around on Amazon yesterday and noticed that the Kindle edition of Apache Cordova API Cookbook was published back in June. You can get your copy immediately using the following link:

The manuscript has gone into the production process. An editor has taken a pass and added hundreds of commas and other punctuation marks and it's all ready to go. I'm still expecting this to be in stores by the end of June.

Received the first draft of the book's index today. I've read through it and passed back my comments. It's got a pretty thorough index, so should be pretty useful to readers of the paper version of the book. Also received the final cover image. I updated the site with it today.

I'm expecting the book to finish some time in June, but Amazon is sticking with their July delivery date. Stay tuned, won't be too much longer.

I'm hoping to bring some free copies of the book with me to PhoneGap day.

Well, I've completed the first part of the production process: Development. The development editor has taken a first pass through the manuscript and identified any areas that needed work. It's all ready to go into the production process.

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